Let Them Entertain You

You are not your roles. You are not your stories. You are not your labels. The parent might be a role that you play. You might relate strongly to the story of the wounded child. You may be an athlete now, but what label will you wear when you are past your prime?  You are so much more than the stories, labels and roles that you play.

The same applies to those who call themselves “Healers”. Healing is something you can do. It is also a role that you play and anyone can play it. Judging by the material being published in online and hard copy magazines about the topic, it appears that yes indeed, anyone can call themselves a healer.

In their advertising and self-promotional articles, these people advertise that they are healers, and then tell you “it’s not me doing the healing – it’s coming through me to you.”  This is hypocrisy. In one breath, they will tell you, as they are om-ing and a-ha-ing over your head in a healing trance, that you are not your stories, and on the next breath in, they will tell you that they are “a healer”, and as they breath out, they will tell you that “it’s not me, it’s the healing energy doing the work”

They should at least get their story straight. Any wonder the whole industry is in disarray, with it’s reputation shot to pieces.  It is full of charlatans claiming to be one thing, “a healer” and adding disclaimers of “it’s not really me” in the next.

Healing is not what you think it is. New Age healers cannot fix your body. If you are seeking this type of healing to overcome a physical illness then you are asking them to go beyond the scope of what they can do for you. You should see a doctor instead. Physical healing is their area of expertise. If you want emotional or mental healing, then see a counsellor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. If you want spiritual healing then start a program of spiritual development first. You can’t heal what you don’t have. Develop your spirit and then you will heal it.

There are some who can guide you and support your spiritual journey, but they cannot do it for you.  The ability to heal is not something granted to a chosen few. You were born with this ability. The best thing you can do is remind yourself of this. You may need to pay someone to help you heal physically, emotionally or mentally, and you might need someone to guide you on your spiritual quest, but if someone has advertised that they are a healer, they are not. It is a role that they play, and as their audience, you are merely being entertained.


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