Occupy Truth

If you don’t know what you stand for then you will not be able to manifest it or express it.  You will not know what you stand for if hypocrisy is standing in your way. It gets in the way of the truth. The hypocrisies flying around at the moment in the town where I live are getting worse and this one is especially humiliating.

On one hand there is a move by residents to block the setup of an international take away food franchise in a hilltop town in the Yarra Ranges, Victoria, Australia, and on the other, there is another town in the Yarra Ranges, Warburton, still holding their breath, as they wait with optimism and great expectations for a would-be interstate franchiser to do the same.

Most of the people living in the riverside township of Warburton have openly objected to the food franchise attempting to set up business in their neighbouring hilltop town.

Warburton has been waiting 10 years for the would-be interstate franchiser to invade the peace and tranquillity of their little town by the river and with – wait for it – a massive riverside resort!  With most of the residents in this riverside town claiming to be especially concerned for the environment, saving trees, saving leadbeater possums, platypus and frogs, and all other things natural such as food, health, self-sustainable living and reducing their carbon footprint, is it any wonder the large heritage listed building and property purchased by the interstate consortium has become the biggest white elephant eyesore in the state of Victoria? This resort and it’s impact on the environment goes against the values of nearly everyone who lives in Warburton.

It’s obvious. Riverside resort ideas are fantastic tax dodges for big businesses that make promotional videos but don’t promote their viewing. Their promotional video, supposedly designed to tempt financial investors into the project, has been viewed less than 250 times to date (22/3/2103).

They should stop making fools out of the local population with ideas they have no intention of fulfilling, pack up their toys and go home. Then, instead of the false and decrepit facade that Warburton residents and gobsmacked tourists have had to put up with for the last 10 years, the residents can have the ailing heritage listed building occupied with a business or other community, environment or arts initiatives that makes a statement about what this town is really about.


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