Free To Be or Not To Be

There are many who feel inspired to make money out of their life purpose. They want their passion to bring them the financial rewards that will support their lifestyle. This is a trap many contemporary spiritual aspirants fall into.

There is a great freedom in not belonging to any particular group, spiritual or not, or any formal or informal institution for that matter. The problem with having your livelihood tied up with your life purpose is that you cannot afford to speak out of order.


You can’t afford to be different because your financial survival depends on it.

You will never have the chance to be, do or say something radically different, new, unique or original as long as you remain embedded in any group, whether that group is spiritually based, creatively based, or even corporately based. You are destined for mediocrity. Your purpose will always struggle for air. You will keep seeking but not find it.

In your quest for truth, you can’t point out hypocrisy or duplicity and you cannot challenge beliefs that have become an institutional part of the group when your livelihood depends on your ability to conform or appeal enmass to the group.  You are trapped, and you are destined to conform, to say the right things, in the correct order and at the appropriate time. You are gagged, until you are prepared to go it alone and live beyond group behaviour and challenge it’s usefulness accordingly.

To do so is not a matter of daring, or courage, or pondering whether or not you should take the risk and step out of your comfort zones. There is no question here. It is beyond a matter of absolute necessity. It is a natural matter of course, because you don’t need to ask yourself ‘should I, should I?’ You do not ask if you should or not when you are an advocate for the truth. You are already free to be who you need to be.

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