An Agent for Social Change

To be an agent for social change and transformation is a highly valid quest that contains massive potential, but it is not an easy task. You’ve agreed to become an advocate for the truth, which means you must slash and burn your way through illusions to expose it.  No matter what group you belong to, whether it is your family, your local community, your church, your spiritual group, or your work colleagues, they will not congratulate you for leaving the group, or for distancing yourself from it, in order to stand up to it because it is riddled with hypocrisies.

Hypocrisy, politically correct codes of behaviour, gushing niceties and underhanded nasties are common in every group, but it stands in the way of the truth. Conforming to certain codes of behaviour help to maintain the integrity of the group, but you will not win any popularity contests by standing up for the truth and pointing out hypocrisies. They are the discrepancies, inconsistencies and conflicts between what people say and what they actually do, but if you persevere and never mind their attachments to their group politics, then in the end, everyone will win.

In the process of conscious transformation, if you don’t have a clear vision of the changes you want to create, and a vision of the result of those changes, then you leave the transformation process in the hands of evolution, that is, the death and destruction of the weakest, which must take place in order to make way for the creation and survival of the strongest and fittest. Evolution is an unlimited, infinite power and force far greater than you. There are some who have mistaken the power of evolution for “God”, and then wondered why “He” is so brutal.  The concept of God was created to favour the weakest because evolution goes against them.

Evolution favours the fittest and strongest, not the weakest. It uses the weakest as stepping stones to it’s potential, in a similar way to the human personality, as you overcome your weaknesses, obsessions, and addictions and embrace your strengths. Your weakest characteristics die off. They are consciously replaced with something better in your quest for personal transformation. Conversely, they are unconsciously replaced with something better or not, via the process of evolution. When evolution goes against the weak, or your personal weaknesses, to counter this, the weaker must become conscious and your personal weaknesses must be made conscious. This is done through personal transformation by developing a higher personal conscience, which in turn, contributes to greater social conscience.

Collective, social transformation will follow the same process as personal transformation. Society’s weakest characteristics will become extinct and it’s strongest will survive. The most effective and efficient way to create the changes that you want to see in the world is to look at your hypocrisy’s, your inconsistencies, discrepancies and internal conflicts. There are discrepancies:

•             between what you say and what you do,

•             between what you think and what you feel,

•             between what you believe and what you really value.

You oppose mining for steel or oil, but you happily use crystals for healing. These precious stones are in limited supply and yet they are being removed from the earth to “use as a healing conduit” or to “channel healing energy”.  Novices need trinkets. The Spiritual Psychopop industry has reached maturity. It is time to let go of your stuff and nonsense. You do not require trinkets and charms to heal.

Here is another example of hypocrisy. Smart Meters are global satellite positioned electricity usage readers which are attached to domestic homes to help reduce electricity usage. They also read the usage from a distance, which takes away the need to read them in person. Many more radiation waves are emitted by your mobile phone than a Smart Meter, and furthermore, you walk around with the phone in your hand and up to your head for most of the day. Smart Meters reduce the need for people to drive around the countryside in petrol guzzling cars to read your electricity meter, but there are those spiritual aspirants who also claim they want to save the planet, and yet they object to the use of Smart Meters because it creates too much energy emissions near the house. This is blatant hypocrisy, considering their reliance and regular use of mobile phones. The process of reading a meter in this manner creates no petrol or carbon emissions and requires no paper if you get your electricity bill sent to you by email.

Imagine this scenario. The power goes out regularly in a small heavily forested country town where you live. It is a known bush-fire area, but you have chosen to live there because of the spiritually idyllic tree-change lifestyle.  There is even a law in place that requires you to have a permit if you want to cut down trees. Many of them naturally fall, whole or in part, onto power lines, especially if the forested area surrounding the lines and the actual lines are overgrown or not properly maintained. You complain bitterly about the power going out on a regular basis and blame the electricity company. Some are planned outages and many are not, due to storm damage from trees allowed to grow near power lines.  You’ve even taken your case to the local paper and managed to enlist the support of the local businesses also affected. The story of the electricity company’s inefficiency and incompetence has made it onto the front page in an effort to get them to do their job better.

However, herein is the hypocrisy. In Victoria, Australia, in early February 2009, nearly 2000 people died in what is now known as the Black Saturday bushfires. The cause has been determined to be the result of improperly maintained power lines. The tragedy occurred 30+ kilometres away from where you live. Those who survived lost loved ones in the fires and are currently in the process of suing the electricity company because they did not maintain the power lines.

The electricity supplier has been forced by law to ensure that this disaster does not happen again. If you want trees to stay in the ground, and you want electricity, and you don’t want people to die in bush fires caused by poorly maintained power lines then you must bear the regular power outages, planned or unplanned. If your home or business is affected then you have three choices. You can switch to solar power, or move back to the suburbs, or accept the situation as it is.

There is nothing sweet or nice about being an effective agent for social change and transformation. You can’t afford to be timid about it pointing out hypocrisy. You have to be prepared to be rejected and abandoned by the group, so if your self-esteem and self worth are weak, then you will not survive to become the change agent you want to be.

You have to stop gazing in the mirror trying to convince yourself that you are a good person. Stop telling yourself that you are worthy when you still believe that you are not. It is a conflict between what you think and what you feel. You are not worthy until you have unearthed every one of your hypocrisies and corrected them.  You have a lot of work to do if you want to be an agent for social change. The longer you continue to give life to these falsehoods, the stronger these characteristics will become. Not only will each discrepancy you maintain do you damage, but your ability or inability to expose and correct your discrepancies is, by it’s very nature, your precise and major contribution to the evolution or transformation of consciousness within the whole of humanity.

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