Snap Out of It

It’s time the New Age Psycho-Pop industry got over their spiritual mid-life crisis and grew up. Born in 1960’s, and now 50 years old, this industry is growing old but refusing to do so gracefully. Mutton dressed as lamb is rife. Old ideas and insights are thread bare, but somehow they manage to squeeze their way into a new outfit, but here are some reality checks:

  • Positive thinking is over-rated and thus idealised instead of humanised.
  • Your destiny and life purpose is not your job.
  • You prostitute yourself when you try to make money out of pimping out your life purpose.
  • You are not your stories.
  • You are not your stereotypes or personality archetypes.
  • You do not live in heaven so you cannot survive in a positive frame of mind all the time.
  • You do not live in hell, so you cannot survive in a negative frame of mind all the time.
  • You are a human being and you live on earth, which is somewhere in between heaven and hell, so you need to find your own middle way through life.
  • It is not possible to not be in a process of transformation.

This is why the industry in crisis. It has lost its way. It believes in its own mythology – as above – but every belief needs to be challenged and examined for its purpose and relevance in today’s society.

Here is a list of ‘Things Not to Do’ which you can refer to when you realise you are in the throes of a collective spiritual midlife crisis:

Things Not to Do

  • Instead of berating yourself for not thinking positive thoughts all the time, tell yourself you are human and making mistakes is a sure fire way to find out what won’t work next time.
  • Instead of thinking that your destiny or life purpose is confined to a finding a job that you feel passionate about, put your energy into helping others be happier. Get yourself a job that pays the bills, so that you have more time and money to do what you really love.
  • Instead of believing the stories that you tell yourself and others about who you are; that you are the stereotypical hippie, corporate suit, or greenie, or that you are the archetypal artist or teacher or a healer, drop the labels and be yourself. Be true to yourself and then you will find who you are looking for.
  • Instead of trying to make your life heaven on earth, get real. Heaven on earth does not exist. Own your own the shadow in your personalities and stop projecting it onto others. It’s a burden they cannot bear and it’s energy you can’t afford to lose at your age.
  • Instead of trying to make it a hell on earth for others and yourself, wake up.  It takes more of your energy than theirs when you do. When you try to make it hell on earth for others, and you do so for long enough, your energy will extinguish long before theirs.
  • Instead of overdoing or underdoing everything in your life, try doing enough. Enough is enough.  It’s your own middle way.
  • Instead of believing that you are a flat, cardboard cut-out of a one dimensional being that desperately needs transforming into an extraordinary, multi-dimensional example of the human race, ask yourself when humanity and the whole of nature stopped evolving, and why weren’t you told?

You may have subscribed to these beliefs, which over the last 50 years have evolved into New Age Myths, but you can’t expect those who created the problem to be in charge of your solution. The answers are within you. Use your intuition and rely on the power of your instincts to survive this crisis. Dare to look nowhere but there.

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