A Big Fat Cosmic Joke

It’s embarrassing – all this nonsense about the end of the world aka the birth of a new world consciousness – especially coming out of the mouths of celebrity gurus. Some of them I admired until now.

On one hand they rattle on about the present being the only moment there is. Then for the sake of drawing attention to themselves, they sprout off with their own brand of so called wisdom, hoping it will take root in our heads. It’s guidance that tows the line with popular spiritual opinion. It tells us there’s a new era of consciousness to be ushered in by howling at the moon and swooning in the mist. It’s great marketing for them, but here’s the news.

Another Cosmic Joke

It’s all a part of the big, fat cosmic joke. Many have been hoodwinked into thinking these dates mean something special, 12/12/12 and 21/12/12, but it’s nonsense and here’s why. From a genuine, down to earth, spiritually mature perspective, every moment represents a brand a new era of consciousness. Forget that it was supposed to occur yesterday or two weeks ago. Consciousness is always evolving. It always was and always will be.

Now is the only moment there is.

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