Digging Up the Future

The anti-vaccination lobby, and one of it’s advocates, Dr G Lanctot, Canada, whose credentials as a deregistered medical doctor since 1980’s are questionable, suggests that “The medical authorities keep lying. Vaccination has been a disaster on the immune system. It causes lots of illness. We are actually changing our genetic code through vaccination. Vaccination is the biggest crime against humanity.”

Is there a conspiracy here? Are the authorities really lying to us? What are their motives for doing so? Money is almost certainly the answer. What does the anti-vaccination lobby believe happens when authorities have this type of power at their disposal? It conjures up fear in the general population, but fear of what? Some of our greatest fears centre on disease, pain and dying. This is why the health industry, health insurance and complimentary and natural health medicines are booming. Science tells us that vaccinations have been designed to reduce death and disease.

Given the suggestion that the industry and it’s authorities are motivated by money then, it’s fair to say that the anti-vaccination lobby believe the medical authorities are lying because the authorities want more money, and money is power, and that power goes into the wrong hands if we choose to vaccinate our children because “Vaccination has been a disaster on the immune system. It causes lots of illness. We are actually changing our genetic code through vaccination.” However, there are flaws in these statements. Everything, such as food, language, the environment and climate, and so on has an impact on, and changes, our genetic code. This process is known as evolution.

If “vaccination causes lots of illness”, this suggests that it also has the ability to bring about a healing crisis. Traditional and natural medicines agree that all illness and the healing process involve a healing crisis. We get worse before we get better. If we don’t get better, our health gets worse and we die. Vaccination is the interventionist and a prevention-ist. It is supposed to stop people from dying. Up until the twentieth century, many horrific life threatening diseases used to control population growth. Not only are middle class, white westerners living longer than ever before, but this explosion of good health and longevity is beginning to spread itself across the entire the planet and it’s creeping into the third world!

What are we doing now that we did not do 100+ years ago? Due to scientific research and scientific evidence and its impact on nutrition, exercise and hygiene, health standards have dramatically improved. We have also been vaccinating the population and as a result, we have improved what is known as “herd immunity”. A major concern is not only are we not coping now, but it has been suggested that in a few short years, there will be more humans on the planet, to the point where even middle class white, westerners may die of dehydration and starvation. How do the authorities plan to manage this situation? Will they continue to plunder the earth for it’s resources in order to make more money to support an exploding population, or will they let people die of dreadful diseases in order to control population growth? The anti-vaccination lobby may be inadvertently (or not?) leading themselves into the belief that the scientific evidence on vaccinations is bunkum so the authorities must be lying. My suggestion is that the authorities are letting the anti-vaccination lobbyists believe that vaccinations will ultimately kill people because they are “ruining their immune systems”. In an effort to reduce population growth, it may be a conspiracy that is useful for authorities to encourage, that allows the general population to believe that vaccinations are bad for our health. There is also another way to reduce population growth and make more money, and it’s happening right now, according to scientific evidence. There is a connection between human health and vaccinations, and the health of the earth and our natural environment. And if we must endure yet another conspiracy theory, then this one may satisfy the need.

The authorities, medical and non-medical, have allowed each other to run free range over the earth digging up the ground and the forests. They are digging up our future at the expense of our global health and leaving us vulnerable to unknown diseases. They’ve dug so far into the earth that diseases buried for centuries are now exposed. Science, if unhindered, encouraged and supported to do so, can find the cures we need. Meanwhile, it seems the anti-vaccination lobby prefers to manage diseases without the aid of science and vaccinations. It’s the same science that states that plundering the earth is one of the major causes of global warming and climate change. If we reject the science that proves the existence of global warming, then why would we reject science proving other points such as the necessity of vaccinations, especially given the potential connection between the two issues suggested here? The authorities count on incongruities within the group and the herd’s mentality, but vaccinations were developed to protect the group and the herd’s immunity. The authorities rely on herd incongruities because it keeps the herd distracted and disconnected. It allows middle class, white westerners to squabble amongst themselves about whether or not to vaccinate to eradicate life threatening diseases. Incongruities separate us from each other and divide communities. Instead of being healthy and at peace, it creates tribes that are at war with one another. The other side of health is death, and the fear of death is an ideal divider. This has a tendency to do two things. It reduces the population and it saves money. This is the real crime against humanity.

On one hand the anti-vaccination lobbyists are very happy to embrace the science on climate change, then proceed to complain that not enough people care, are indifferent, or worse, others simply refuse to accept the deteriorating climate situation. Then on the other hand, the anti-vaccination lobbyists refuse to accept the science on vaccination. This is so in-congruent that it suggests sheer madness at worst, and is hypocritical at best. They appear to be basing their anti-vaccination decisions on their own personal fears feed by conspiracy theories developed by crack pots that have been deregistered. They do not take into account scientific evidence that supports vaccination, which has been designed to serve the greater good of all concerned.

We live in such privileged times, where we are so healthy, or we have many opportunities to be healthy, and their decisions demonstrate they are simply ungrateful. They have much in common with the climate change naysayers. They don’t care, and they are indifferent because they refuse to accept the evidence in front of them. We arrived in this privileged position of well being because vaccinations have made the health and quality of life that we experience today possible.

Those who refute the scientific evidence confirming the necessity and efficacy of vaccinations are in no position to complain about, judge or condemn those who refuse to accept the scientific evidence that confirms the existence of climate change as a result of global warming, and further, that they should even bother doing something about it.

Digging Up the Future – Those who refute the scientific evidence confirming the necessity and efficacy of vaccinations are in no position to judge or condemn those who refuse to accept the scientific evidence that confirms the existence of climate change, and further, that they should even bother to do something about it. Photography by Benno Poeder

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