Ego vs. Freedom

In New Age parlance, Ego is still a dirty word. The Ego is the devil and the Soul is God. The Soul is worshipped, the Ego is cast into hell, but it’s the freedom of your Spirit that is trapped in the agony of limbo. The ego is said to be the road block to spiritual enlightenment and freedom. To honour your ego would be considered blasphemous, so the ego takes a regular beating in the world of popular psychic spirituality.

This New Age Psychopop thinking – which to be fair, was borne out of a variety of ancient eastern spiritual religions and schools of thought, and then updated to suit western, popular opinion – suggests that the goal is to rid oneself of the ego in order to create heaven on earth. However, there are a number of psychological and spiritual contrarians, such as Hal and Sidra Stone, (creators of the Voice Dialogue process) who hold the view that the ego is here to inform you. This suggests at least two things: firstly that you are not your ego, and second, Ego is not a dirty word. The ego will only restrict your freedom if you are unaware of the games it likes to play, so it pays to become aware of your ego, rather than kill it off.

Imagine that you are the umpire and your job is to supervise the ego as it participates in the game. Watch your ego. It can be a trickster. Pay attention to it and you’ll realise how much freedom there is in your life. You have so much freedom that you don’t know what to do with it. Deep down, you know this is true. Your soul knows that your spirit is free. It’s the ego that is overwhelmed. It immobilises your spirit. Your spirit freezes instead of being free. As yet, the majority of aspirants are not spiritually mature enough to let go of the ego, at least not in the way the ancient eastern philosophies suggest or that Psychopops would prefer.

While many aspirants are in transition and growing wiser, everyone can increase the awareness of their ego and how it affects the quality of their lives. When your spirit is free to the point of being unsupervised by your ego, it wanders off on its own. It dwells on the past, or obsesses about the future, and because you are not looking after it, your spirit is held captive in the past or future. As a consequence, you are not present, you are not living in the moment, and so you feel stuck, trapped or blocked. Eventually, this causes a great deal of stress in the physical body, putting a strain on your health. The stress also puts pressure on your emotional and mental health, causing you to feel drained, confused, unhappy and unmotivated. These circumstances do not create a sense of freedom. This is why the ego is still useful to have around.

There is good and bad in everything; upsides and downsides to life. To see both sides helps you to create balance. A balanced life generates a sense of freedom because you realise you have the power of choice available to you at all times. There is always a choice, and often more than one. When you are not happy with a situation, you can leave it, change it, or change your perspective about it. Supervising your ego as you makes these choices is your job as the umpire. No-one can ever take away your power to choose your attitude and response to any person, place or thing. This is your gateway to freedom.

Gail Goodwin©2012

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